KENANGA (6483) - Kenanga To Hold KenTrade Trading Challenge III

Kenanga will be hosting the third iteration of its popular trading game known as KenTrade Trading Challenge. The first game was held in 2015, and it drew in 15,000 participants. This year, Kenanga expects higher number of participants as investors become more tech-savvy, and are eager to use the opportunity to put into practice the investment techniques and lessons that they have learned. For more detail, go here.

I urge everyone who are keen in investing, to try out the game. You do not have to be a trader to know that there are many disciplines in trading that are equally applicable to investing. In fact, the adoption of these disciplines - money management, timing entry & exit and position sizing - could make for more successful medium-term investing. And, if you do well in the game, the rewards are very attractive.

Nexttrade will support gamers with trading ideas based on trend following, pattern breakout and range breakout. The challenge will begin on July 31. If you want to know how to take part, go here.