KRONO (0176) - (Khronologi) Massive Jump In Earning. Looked Like Data Security Industry Is Booming

Kronologi is principally involved in provision of Data Protection Service (through data backup). 

In the latest quarter, the group saw huge increase in revenue in SIngapore, which dragged up its overall profitability.

The following is Kronolgi management's comments of prospects. It mentioned that ransomeware is something that need to be guarded against :-

It seemed that data security business is booming. Another company that I studied recently is Systech, which also saw its cybersecurity division (Sysarmies) doing very well.
Based on limited information, I have a surprisingly positive view of Kronologi, especially its exposure in India market through newly acquired Quantum Storage (India). In the era of Big Data, Kronologi's potential looked exciting.  

The stock has risen by a lot. Based on RM192 mil market cap and annualised net profit of RM16.4 mil (RM4.1 mil x 4), PER is 11.7 times (for discussion purpose only : you might not agree with the way I calculate the EPS).