MMSV (0113) - MMSV This Pattern Has Keep Showing Up For More Than Half A Dozen Since 2017 And It Is Here Again

MMSV (0113): Bullish

Pattern: Bullish Flag Breakout

MMSV Flag Breakout
Based on MMSV's daily chart above, MMSV broke the bullish flag pattern and formed a new high today.  If you look at the chart above carefully, you might notice the flag pattern just keep repeating itself many times since 2017.
MMSV has been trending up nicely since this year and move in-tandem with PENTA, another multi-bagger which I first analyzed it here and updated subsequently. Since they are both test equipment makers and are benefiting from the strong boom of the semiconductor industry, the in sync movement is not unexpected.
Based on the flag projection, the immediate target price is 1.80. A trailing stop to ride the nice uptrend could be a good option.
I am bullish on MMSV as long as it is staying above 1.50.
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