PRTASCO (5070) - Protasco Bhd's Chong Ket Pen 25 June 2012 was Promoted or Demoted? Why matters? Bursa answered.



Motive & Objective

Why Chong Ket Pen committed potential series of wrongdoing, demonized and cheated Protasco Berhad shareholders Ooi Kock Aun and Tey Por Yee, and why is it important to Protasco Berhad shareholders to understand the background?
Chong Ket Pen has rather a dark history to cover up, and the truth about how he obtained his power in Protasco Berhad explained how Protasco Berhad performed from the year 2014-2017 since Chong Ket Pen stolen the company from major shareholders. His integrity determines the future of Protasco Berhad. His potential wrongdoing is building up sins and liabilities to Protasco Berhad, and it's a matter of time redemption will take place.
Here is an Indie movie synopsis. Based on a true story with supporting public announcements.

Was Chong Ket Pen the "real" controlling shareholder of Protasco Berhad? Where he came from and how he obtained his shares and control? Why did he keep covering up his past history?

The Internet is amazing. One cannot hide their lies and cover up real information. No matter how much one demonize his opponent.

25 June 2012 Chong Ket Pen was not DEMOTED, yet he is DEMOTED. How could this happen?

He was PROMOTED to Group Managing Director of Protasco Berhad, but his boss appointed See Ah Seng as Executive Director to watch over Chong Ket Pen's shoulder, and Ibrahim Noor as Deputy Chairman to stay ABOVE Chong Ket Pen. So technically he is PROMOTED to LESS POWER, and later to LOOSE POWER when 5th & 9th October 2012, more directors were appointed to remove Chong Ket Pen's power.

Lost of Power Proof:

13 June 2012 Ibrahim Nor PROMOTED to Executive Deputy Chairman by the boss. ABOVE Chong Ket Pen position.

25 June 2012 See Ah Seng was APPOINTED as Executive Director to "watch over" CHONG KET PEN.

25 June 2012 Chong Ket Pen DEMOTED by given Group Managing Director title for a show.

5th & 9th October 2012, more directors were appointed to remove Chong Ket Pen's power.

Further proof:

3 November 2012, Chong Ket Pen desperately signed an agreement to engage Global Capital to find investors to buy over Protasco Berhad shares, and Chong Ket Pen induces investors by promising to cause Protasco Berhad to acquire total asset worth US$55 million. source:

by 30 November 2012, investors Ooi Kock Aun and Tey Por Yee emerges as Protasco Berhad new shareholders. See Ah Seng, Ibrahim Nor and other directors resigned.

There is indie movie trailer showing the facts that prove Chong Ket Pen's MOTIVE and OBJECTIVE to cheat investors Ooi Kock Aun and Tey Por Yee, in order to induce them to buy over Protasco Berhad shares from the old boss, and later manufacture a blame to steal Protasco Berhad control for himself.

Since the year 2014, series of demonizing & criminal activities was planted and initiated by Chong Ket Pen to cover up his wrongdoing and his dark history. What he wanted the public to believe who he is today is a plain lie and as a matter of fact, accidentally reveal his potential crime in graft and bribery involving Protasco Berhad.

Chong Ket Pen Self-Promotion to purify himself being the "great owner" of Protasco Berhad, and Demonizing of his opponent being "bad shareholders" can really wash away his sinful past?

Unless Chong Ket Pen can also control Bursa Malaysia or delete his history from Bursa Malaysia public information, the covering fire of truth is burning his back by the days, haunting him every day. Chong Ket Pen at the end is bringing Protasco Berhad down with him altogether, truly fulfill his dream leaving his son Kenny Chong Ther Nen with legacies of lies and sin.
The movie starring Chong Ket Pen is a target for release in the coming year. Shareholders will find it uneasy to believe the truth but all truth about the real motive and objective of what Chong Ket Pen did. Facts remain, Chong Ket Pen controversial control of Protasco Berhad is answered between the lines within Bursa Malaysia announcements. Investors may need to do more homework to find the risk and reward in coming episodes of this corporate drama operated our of potentially the most reckless organized corporate criminals.

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