600% stock - UNVEILED!

 Due to many investors request for me to unveil the 600% stock, I decided to do it free of charge (No subscription fees that many other so called expert fund managers in FA and TA charges).

The stock is ATTA-LA.

It fullfil my stock selection criteria and my secrest stock selection criteria:

1. Sialang after the other fund managers cut losses of more than 90%

It is very very important that you must buy only when the other fund managers cut loss after 90%.

2. Sialang when other fund managers that cut loss start to change opinion on a stock

It is very very important that once the other fund managers who initially ask you to buy, then the stock drop, then ask you to cut loss, then the stock drop tremendously, then the other fund managers start to critisize the stock, it is time to buy.


Atta-LA is my super investor pick flor 600%.