BURSA (1818) - BURSA Updates – 26 Aug 2017 - L. C. Chong


BURSA Analysis File – FY17 Q2http://wp.me/a17Hxk-2IN

In the foreseeable future, I think BURSA won’t have significant catalysts to boost up its growth. This year may have higher market activities due to the coming general election.

Having said that, BURSA will still be able to achieve steady performance. Also, BURSA dividend payout is more than 90%. At 10.12, valuation of BURSA is not really attractive where I believe its fair value is around 11.20 (±0.50). The uncertainty risk of buying at the current level is more towards medium.

Besides, if you buy BURSA now, dividend yield is less than 4%.

I will continue to accumulate BURSA if there is any significant correction.