LIFE'S DESIRE ( A poem compiled in 23 years on my birthdays) A sharing by Calvin Tan


 Author: calvintaneng   |    Publish date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017, 03:10 PM

Dear Friends in i3 Forum,

In year 1977 on July 2nd I wrote the first stanza of a poem. It was written on Mt Faber in Singapore. It was my birthday's wish. In 1996 about 19 years later I wrote the 2nd stanza on Gasing Ridge, Petaling Jaya. And the last 3 Stanzas were wriitten on the way to Church in year 2,000. So the time taken to complete my birthday's wishes span a time of 23 years from 1977 to 2,000 .

After so many Birthday's wishing & wishing it has now turned into My Life's Desire.

And so here it is

Life’s Desire

1.) I need the promised Holy Ghost;
To stir the gift, O LORD of hosts.
Create in me concrete desire;
To be for Thee a flame of fire.

2.) I need the presence of His Son;
From world and sin and self to turn.
To live by faith through God’s great grace;
And walk with Him in grateful praise.

3.) I need my Father’s guiding grace;
To spur me on the upward way.
Show me the path to man’s chief end;
Stay by my side, dear Heavenly Friend.

4.) Though weak and weary I fight on;
Till some from this wide world I’ve won.
Averting men from God’s great wrath
And turn them to the heavenly path.

5.) The promise of an endless life;
God welcomes you to claim the prize.
A thousand million years and more;
With Christ forever, forever more

Calvin E.Y. Tan

This poem could be sung to the tune of “O MASTER, LET ME WALK WITH THEE “