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As expected from last week blog we posted, the bull continue this week on monday. Most of the steel companies continue rally. Tonight DJI open at nearly +200. So what do you think our prediction. Please bear in mind take profit when you are comfortable. We always tell stocks that haven't surge. Check it out on our channel. Take serious on what we said.
Today our LEONFB achieved new high at 0.885. we are happy to say that we told at low pricing.
EMETALL achieved new high too 0.855.
LIONFIB on the spot 0.535 to 0.625 closed at highest. SUPERB STOCK
SAMCHEM hit our TP 0.87 closed high 0.88. 0.82 to 0.88 in three day time.
There are too many stocks moving in our bursa now. pick the one that have most potential. Mark my word don't miss out this month. You will regret if you miss out. You will hate it when it become like last month AUGUST. everyone crying for loss.

Just to comment a few stocks in our stock picks. MBL started to move in good volume closed at almost 52weeks high 1.15. DANCO mentioned at low 0.59 today breakout from downtrend. 0.62 closed. expecting it will move towards 0.70. DESTINI huge DBT at 0.71. we might looking forward for a good rebound for this stock.
12/9/2017 Stock Picks
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