I have given up hope on KLSE


 I have started blogging on the following few topics:

SUNWAY-WB [FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND FREE WARRANT] publishef on 1 October 2017

Dufu - Opportunity in Competitor's Disaster published on 23 October 2017

The risk of converting warrants with the hope for a quick gain, e.g. Trive-WB published on 30 October 2017

HUAAN (2739) BREAKOUT ON 31 OCTOBER 2017! published on 1 November 2017

JHM (0127) BREAKOUT ON 3 NOV 2017 (10 CONSECUTIVE QUARTERS OF GROWTH) published on 4 November 2017

What are the outcomes?

(1) Sunway-WB was given free to me but its price has collapsed from its peak of RM0.735 to close at RM0.59 today.

(2) I bought DUFU on breakout at RM1.46 but it closes at RM1.29 today.

(3) I converted TRIVE-WB at the cost of RM0.150 and taken profit at RM0.16 for 6,000,000 shares with a net profit of RM54,000.

(4) I bought HUAAN on breakout at RM0.310 but today it closes at RM0.245.

(5) I bought JHM on breakout at RM3.15 but it closed at RM2.95 today.

I have gained on two transactions but lost on three transactions.

Change in current year:
Market           Current          End 2016       Pct Move
Singapore       3422              2880.76         18.79
Bangkok       1714.5             1542.94          11.12
Manila          8293.52            6840.64          21.24
Jakarta        6032.704          5296.711         13.90
K Lumpur     1720.15            1641.73            4.78
Ho Chi Minh     926.1              664.87           39.29

Why is Malaysia market could not boom like other ASEAN countries? Uncertainty of the coming general election perhaps? What a big let down.

When the whole world markets set new record highs, our KLCI keeps on making new lows.
When the whole world markets are in serious correction, our KLCI will crash.
Please note that all the KLSE indices are below 20 days EMA, it means that the market sentiment is super bearish.

Despite bullish oversea stock markets, KLSE remains the worst market to invest.

The Q3 GDP growth is 6.2%, but our market is heading into a new low today.

Hence, I have given up hope on KLSE.