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Investors should take a look at this valuable gem, SCBUILD. This stock was previously known as Flonic Berhad and now has turnaround with the right vision and key management. This stock is involved in Affordable Housing and the construction of PRIMA HOMES of which is a major beneficiary in Budget 2018.

Take a look at the announcement made on 26th July 2017. SCBUILD secured a contract for PRIMA Homes worth RM 3.7 million. The management also expects it to contribute positively towards the earnings in the coming Financial Period.

- Investors should also look at the Prospects of this company

The management is definitely on the right track to be in the affordable housing market this time around with the Government's iitiative in this budget.

The Group also appointed a powerful Chairman Datuk Cheng Lai Hock on 16 May 2016

Look at the Powerful Circle of People Datuk Cheng is mixing with as seen in the picture above in a another event in Serdang in 2016.
A Market Cap of RM 35 million on Friday's closing for SCBUILD would be Peanuts or Spare Change to these type of big shots.

Look at the chart of SCBUILD !! Its already at Rock Bottom Prices and it looks like it is going to surge anytime soon !. Should there be a breakout at 4 sens, first target would be RM 0.10 in the long term.

This stock has the right visions with the government and has fantastic potential in 2018 and should not be overlooked by investors.
As for SCBUILD- WB, be cautious in trading it as it has an exercise price of RM 0.08. However, if SCBUILD goes to RM 0.10, expect the warrants to be actively traded in future.

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Disclaimer : Trading Penny Stocks and Warrants is a great tool for leverage. However, high returns come with high risk. Therefore, investment decisions should be borne at your own cost and I will not be held liable for any investment decisions made. Those who trade this stock should be fully aware of the risks involved when trading penny stocks and warrants.