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DATE : 06 November 2017
Stock :  POS (RM5.52)
Target Price : RM6.00 (immediate) / RM7.00 (MTH)
Call Warrant : POS-C11 ( Jackpot)
"This share has been called at RM5.40 level. Last week before DFTZ launch, I called it again at RM5.40 - RM5.50 level base on Consolidate and Defensive (C&D) also generated big interest buyer. By closed up and above my prediction line at RM5.50, this counter should move upward start by tomorrow." - Kim Spartan
Pos Malaysia Berhad is a postal delivery service in Malaysia, with history dating back to early 1800s. Pos Malaysia provides postal and related services, namely: Standard Mail. Courier, Express & Parcels CEP. Retail. International Mail. Logistics.
Business : 
  1. Pos Laju : The leading courier company in Malaysia, connecting over 80% of populated areas across the country with its Next Day Delivery and other services. Pos Laju has the widest network coverage and the largest courier fleet in Malaysia. 
  2. Pos Malaysia International : Has been the designated postal operator of Malaysia for over 200 years, connecting Malaysia to the world by providing domestic and international postal services that include mail, small packets and parcels.
  3. Pos ArRahnu : Embarked on introducing Islamic Micro Financing as one of its new services within a postal environment. Pos ArRahnu Sdn. Bhd. was established in June 2012 with the opening of its first two outlets in Pejabat Pos Bandar Baru Bangi and Kuala Terengganu. To date, there are 65 Pos ArRahnu outlets opened at selected post offices nationwide.
  4. Pos Logistics :  They pride themselves on being a dynamic logistics company which aligns its business very strongly around the needs of the customers. their services have developed over time to provide total supply chain solutions for the customers based on cost effective end-to-end operations and innovative back-end systems.
  5. Pos Aviation : A world-class aviation ground services provider offering ground handling, cargo handling, inflight catering and aircraft maintenance and engineering services to inbound and outbound international commercial airlines in Malaysia.
  6. Pos Asia Cargo Express (ACE)
  7. Pos Digicert : Is in the centre of an effective trust model that the government is creating to address the issue of information security and the negative perception that has been painted in association with online transactions. Digital signatures, encryption, and the infrastructures to support their use are becoming essential for further growth of e-business in Malaysia.
  8. Data Pos : Provide a total mailing solution from data processing (formatting and sorting) to data printing, enveloping, bulk mail services, delivery and a suite of other dynamic services. Leveraging on Pos Malaysia’s extensive delivery network, experience and rapport, we create value for your business to do more and reach further than ever before.
The DFTZ is an initiative aimed at capitalising on the growth of the internet economy, and promoting the growth of e-Commerce in Malaysia, by making Malaysia the premier regional hub for the e-Commerce industry in the South East Asia region
"The Government will introduce the world’s first Digital Free Trade Zone outside of China. It will merge physical and virtual zones, with additional online and digital services to facilitate international eCommerce and invigorate internet-based innovation." - Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
Enable Malaysian SMEs to expand their business and export globally.
Position Malaysia as a regional hub for eCommerce logistics and the preferred gateway of choice for global brands and marketplaces into ASEAN.
- One Touch platform integrates key services of Malaysian governmental offices and logistics service providers, effectively reducing the time of service level agreement (SLA) from 6 hours to 3 hours.
- Alibaba’s algorithm and data analytics provide traders a holistic and detailed view of their business, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and conversion.
- Online and secure cash management which includes foreign exchange and settlement of exchange through a unified platform.
The DFTZ would comprise three components:
  1. eFulfilment Hub, which will serve as a strategic facility for customs clearance, warehousing and logistics. Pos Malaysia will be the key driver of this hub as the key tenant at the upcoming Air Cargo Terminal (the old Low-Cost Carrier Terminal), which forms the first phase of DFTZ. Recall that Pos Malaysia has committed to a pre-Singles Day (11 Nov) launch date.
  2. Satellite Services Hub, a digital hub for global and local Internet-related companies at KL Internet City, Bandar Malaysia.
  3. eServices Platform to complement the two abovementioned hubs by connecting innovative business service providers with government services.
 - POS financial results for the 1st quarter ended 30 June, recording a 21% surge in its adjusted profit (YoY) to RM37.9M, mainly contributed by higher revenue.
- POS revenue grew organically 7.5%
- POS international mail revenue growth of +125%
- POS on waiting progress:
1) Progress on the launch of the KLIA Air Cargo Terminal. 2) Business direction - RORO business. 
3)  Upcoming launch of its digital mailbox.
- POS invest RM250 million in new mail hub. Set up a national mail and parcel hub in Shah Alam in its aim to achieve an automation level of up to 70 percent from 20 percent currently.
- Pos Malaysia and Egypt Post have agreed to step up cooperation towards the improvement of postal services between the two countries.
 - POS evolvement plans going forward. By providing a variety of services in a bid to become a key player in the logistics sector.
- POS remain sceptical that the courier division growth would exceed 11% in the coming quarters on expectations of stronger volume due to the festive seasons at the end of the year.
- POS earnings forecasts for FY19/FY20 are raised by 7.6%/5.8% to account for cost savings from the acquisition of two bulk vessels for the Tenaga Nasional Bhd contract.
- POS E-commerce will anchor its long-term growth as Pos Malaysia is the primary beneficiary of the boom.
- Forsees Air Cargo Terminal launch will set courier revenue growth!
"The most beneficiary of DFTZ! Time to fly high with no doubt RM7.00". Kim Spartan
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