FBMKLCI one piece of puzzle left before confirming 2018 bull market


FBMKLCI ended the year 2017 at year high (yes the closing was 2017 year high, verify it on your own lah), with a last minute (technically was last 10 minutes, hahaha) push-up during pre-closing session.

Finally, after a failed attempt in Sept 2017, FBMKLCI broke above the 3-year-long downtrend line as shown above.
What does this mean? It signifiy an official trend change after a 3-year downtrend/sideway market.
Coincidentally, FBMKLCI weekly chart also shows bullish MACD crossover, so be prepared for 2018 very very likely to be super bullish.
Weekly RSI is far from overbought, so don't expect any major correction yet!

The final piece of puzzle is for FBMKLCI to create historical high to officiate 2018 as a superbull year.
Stay tuned and Happy New Year. Wishing everyone a blessful and blissful year.