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FBMKLCI has successfully retested 15min 200ma to confirm its' bullish intention.
FBMKLCI will challenge higher level soon, once it breaks above the 1760.

This is the weekly FBMKLCI chart, I'm not sure what is the general sentiment of the public currently on our market, but this set-up is definitely very bullish.
FBMKLCI not only have stood above weekly 200ma, the weekly MACD bars also almost cross the centre line.
Compare the current set-up with the bullish crossover in Dec 2016.
You thought the rally in FBMKLCI is finished?
If you brush it aside as window dressing like some of the analysts, you will be dead wrong.
The rally we saw last week was just a prelude/appetizer/entree for a stronger upcoming rally. It was akin to warming up engine, or testing water. Main course is not even served yet, why are you despairing?
Remain optimistic and hopeful that our market as a whole will be faily bullish.

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