ALCOM's new management bold gamble to diversify into the lucrative property sector, by launch of its 1st maiden Industrial Park project soon, is seen as a potential game changer, that will propel the company to a new higher level.

The Industrial Park for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), is projected to generate sales of more than rm500 million, over a 3-5 years period.

Many big property TAIKO were believed to be eyeing that piece of strategic vacant Kota Damansara land, but the new ALCOM boss, group MD Dato Lim Chee Khoon and Executive Director Mr. Ang Loo Leong , managed to snatch from right under their nose.

The new management is expecting a conservative rm75 million profit from this foray, which mean an annual rm15 million profit over the next 5 years, once the project is launch.

Earning per share (EPS) could potentially shoot up by 11 sen, on top of the existing Aluminium business earnings.

This could mean a doubling of ALCOM's EPS by 2010.

ALCOM's share reached a high of rm1.08 for the year, on 8th Jan. on volume of 1.443 million shares, and is now seen as consolidating at 97.5 sen.

Some farsighted, savvy investors have been quietly collecting ALCOM's shares since December last year.

Could ALCOM turn out to be an unheralded Outperfomer for 2018 ?