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8 JAN 2018

1.  CAELY....after triggering   limit up on last Thursday and encountering profit takings the following day due to being issued UMA by Bursa Malaysia;
will the counter surpassed its ALL TIME HIGH of 1.08 this week.
If the rumors of an impending bonus issue is a reality...I believe CAELY should be on track to 1.20 and 1.50 target this week.
If the counter is well supported above 1.00....i gather that it will any time resume its uptrend to scale to new heghts. Can consider to collect on weakness especially below 1.00.

The interest in this counter seems unabated. looking at 0.60 level this week.

3. AEGB....potential to be a rising star.

4. DGSB. ...can consider to collect on weakness due to the strengths of the new major shareholder ie CEO of Inari

5.  VS....a very good fundamental company with a solid future and market talk of an imminent corporate development

 6. PUC...can consider to collect on weakness

7.  EDUSPEC....Should run up on good corporate announcement last Friday...

8.  COMPUGT. ..run up seems unabated. It has risen slowly but conclusively from just 0.025 a week ago to 0.04 last Friday.
My TP of 0.06 should be met anytime soon

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