JOHAN (3441) - GKENT breaking new high, Will JOHAN be next ?


Investor interest may now turn to JOHAN, the company seen as a proxy to politically connected construction outfit GEORGE KENT(GKENT).Both companies share the same major shareholder - Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock.Tan owns 37.43% stake in George Kent, and 56% stake in Johan. 
Tan is the chairman and CEO of Johan while at George Kent, he is the group chairman. Investors have been chasing up George Kent, yesterday GKENT share price break new high at RM4.09.
Fundamentally, George Kent has an all-time high orderbook of over RM6.2bil. 

Investors may expect Johan to see some spillover from George Kent. It is likely that GKENT will inject some rail related project into JOHAN.