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Below is speaker number 1:

The market is waiting for the MPC meeting on 25 JANUARY.
The discussion will mostly aprrove to adjust the OPR rate.

For now, all the stocks that are RM1 and lower will be GORENG by few operators.
If you are able to play with the OPERATORS, you know how and you are very discipline, by no mean go ahead, else
avoid those penny stocks!

Property stocks are one of the sector that will be played, mostly one day show and will be pushed down after that.

Look at the current oil price, it started to stabilize at around 60USD per barrel. Do you think this will affect our local market?
Yes! Every time petrol price increased, our food, drinks such as Milo Bing price will  be increased too, but the price never come down
when the petrol price drop. This is the inflation that we are talking about and BNM will most likely increase the interest rate.

Looking at our current market, three days in a row for above 5 BILLIONS shares traded, this means somethings. Never in BURSA,
there are so many consecutive days of high volume traded, never!
The volumes tell that most penny stocks are being played now, and if OPR rate increase, the market will goes BAD.
So 25 of JAN is a very crucial day to look at.

Talking about US market, DOW never retrace more than 10%, for the past 8 years and ten months of bullish market, is bubble going to happen anytime soon? When will the DOW drop for 20% from its peak now?
From the historical record, if DOw Jones hit fibo of 3.4x, it will retrace!
By calculation, if DOW reach 3.4x, its 25300 level. Can DOW break above this level? This is the level to observe!
Talking about local market,
31/12/12 = 1688
21/02/13 = 1614
03/04/13 = 1685 (Parliament dismissed) For the whole month, the market is running sideway.
05/05/13 = 1694 (Voting date)
06/05/13 = 1752 (BN WON, market increases 58, intraday 132 points)

Below is the points from Speaker number 2:

Good news 1: Market is not going to crash anytime in 2018.
Good news 2: US will have a huge correction and the major correction will affect local market, but after that, we can BUY and SAILANG on good fundamental stock.
Good news 3: This is the best time for investment due to forth industrial revolution.

Never in BURSA, we can see stock that grow 10 folds in a year time, look at JHM for example.
What drive the stock price to north? Its the growth of the company!

Last time there is no sensors in the car, but look at current market, a car can auto break, the car can auto navigate and drive itself, the car's wiper will start to move when it detects rain, the car's light will auto dim etc, there are more than 20 sensors in the car now, hence it drives the price of KESM to current level.

Just think as a businessman, do you think in the future, those sensors part will increase in the car? if YES, just go ahead and buy those related stocks.

Look at the LED mega-trend, it drives the price of mmsv, elsoft, jhm, dno. They all got the same pattern, GROWTH STOCK.

We need to have some business sense and catch the current terend of the market. Understand the business's cycle and identify which business got larger book order, check the sales of the company!!

Focus on Growth stock and not undervalued stock, undervalued stock got limited potential in capital gain, but GROWTH stock will drive the price, and multiple fold of current price. Dont focus on the price but focus on their business!
Check whether the company still got the potential to grow or not is the key thing to find another stock like KESM, JHM and many more.

Malaysia Is famous of:
- Glove!

- Oil Palm

- Oldtown

- Musang King (But dont have related stock, else I will buy too!)

(Might have lot of wrong info as I took this as a memo only, Im not a member of Grandpine capital)

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