UMWOG (5243) - [ UMWOG ] - To Rebound Tomorrow? 10 million lots eaten up at exactly 4:59:36pm


We are sure many of you are stunned by the sell off today.
But according to TA, the selldown today has exactly hit the golden Fibonacci retracement level of 38.2%. According to researches done, stocks that are in uptrend will very likely rebound after retraced until 38.2%. And today, it touches exactly at 38.2% = 0.41.
We expect a rebound coming in tomorrow. Furthermore, with crude oil going up and up at more than $63, what is there to worry about?
Furthermore, we have closely observed the sell Q of 0.41. It was a scary six digit q (more than 10 mil lots) at 4.50pm. But in the last 30 seconds (at exactly 4:59:36pm), huge buyers suddenly emerged to eat up all those 10 million Q to end at 90485 net buyers waiting at 0.41. Do you think normal retailers can do all of these just in the last 30 seconds? Surely the funds are behind this to manipulate the sell down and then buying them back before staging a rebound tomorrow!