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Result Update

For QE31/12/2017, Supermx's net profit rose 29% q-o-q or 59% y-o-y to RM36 million while revenue rose 8% q-o-q or 42% y-o-y to RM336 million. Revenue rose y-o-y due to strong demand for gloves and higher output recorded. Profits rose due to higher revenue recorded, higher production capacity and also improved operational efficiency.

Table 1: Supermx's last 8 quarters' P&L

Graph 1: Supermx's last 45 quarters' P&L

Below is a comparison of the last 4 quarters' revenue, PBT, PAT, NP & EPS of the top 4 glove manufacturers against the preceding 4 quarters' numbers. This comparison is a bit unfair for Kossan because its latest result is QE30/9/2017 whereas Harta and Supermx have the results for QE31/12/2017 & Topglov's result is for QE30/11/2017. Since I am trying to make a point about Supermx, it sufficed that we compare it with Harta & Topglov. We can see that Harta's revenue and profits have the highest increase among these 4 companies. This is followed by Supermx and then Topglov. The point to note is that Supermx is finally catching up with the other players in this sector- something we have not seen for a while.

Graph 2: Top 4 glove manufacturers' recent changes in financial performance


Supermx (closed at RM2.20 yesterday) is now trading at a PER of 16x (based on last 4 quarters' adjusted EPS of 13.70sen). At this PER, Supermx is the cheapest glove manufacturer listed on Bursa. From the table below, we can see that the other 3 players command PER ranging from 31 to 47 times. If we were to value Supermx at the average PER of 36.7 times and discount that by 20%, Supermx's fair value would be RM4.02.

Table 2: Glove Manufacturers' valuation by PER & PBR

The market is probably assigning a lower PER for Supermx because its major shareholder, Stanley Thai was found guilty of insider’s trading. He was sentenced to a 5-year jail term & a fine of RM5 million. Stanley is appealing that decision. I believe that a 20%-discount is sufficient to factor in the risk of business interruption if the appeal is rejected and Stanley has to serve the jail sentence.

Technical Outlook

Supermx is moving within a large band between RM1.70 and RM3.30. Within this trading band, its immediate support is at RM2.00 & immediate resistance is at RM2.40.

Chart: Supermx's monthly chart as at Feb 14, 2018 (Source: ShareInvestor)


Based on satisfactory financial performance and attractive valuation, I am revising my rating for Supermx from a HOLD to a BUY.


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