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Dear Rei Ccs, 
U, like everybody is 100% entitled to your own opinion. Debate not required. 
To make big money in stocks we need to understand the working of INVESTMENT CLOCK. 
It will tick from 1 asset class to another or more. 
The smart Chinese master called it 'fungsui' always rotating..
The major asset classes in INTERACTION r : 
+ GOV INTERVENTION with stimulus n or Tariff 
Stocks r biz, sensitively allergic to the movement of the above. 
We must have deep knowledge n knowhow of what's happening in the current scenario. 
Then position our financial capital in stocks with the catalyst called economic tailwind/s. 
In every TICK, the pureBull catalyst usually will last for a few years. Do not over stay the course ! 
2 to 10 Q is good enough for creating super to great winning stocks.
1. Property stocks r so bad now with prices lower than the start of its last bull. At the Right Timing
it will have its turn to pureBull. 
There's a simple 12 years cycle in property. If u buy property at the 2nd half of the 12 years,
u make lots of money. 
For property stocks, on the 8th year could be the best Timing. 
Key is how to identify accurately the very peak year by the month of the most recent cycle.
2. Commodity Play in OIL n Aluminium since Aug 2017
Had the prefect timing on PMETAL, in at 3.26. It went up immediately all the way up to UP.
Out all at 490/91 after it dropped from the 1st time hitting 525, a bit too early though.
3. Strong RM Play
Again had a perfect buy call for NESTLE, CARLSBG, DLADY etc etc ...

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