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[COMFORT GLOVES BHD,建好的新设施能降低风险]



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James Ng

For this quarter, revenue increased to RM106m, compared with last year RM73m, YoY+46%. FY18 net profit was RM36m, compared with last year RM26m, YoY+39%. Full year revenue increased from RM263m to RM421m, YoY+60%. 'Administrative expenses' dropped from RM24m to RM14m, YoY-40%. 'Cash and cash equivalents' increased to RM29m, and 'Loan and borrowings' stands only RM11m, with a net cash position of RM18m.

Their emphasis on natural and synthetic premium specialize gloves will provide opportunities for growth and improvement. The new facilities the Group has constructed provide a blueprint for flexible and capable manufacturing to manage future risks. Prospects for the glove manufacturing sector remain strong with increasing demand. The market is seeing increase segmentation and differentiation leading to an increase demand for specialty gloves. Through dedication to process rationalization, improving operational agility, meeting expectations, and continuous innovation, the Group is confident in capturing greater market share and strengthening margins.

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James Ng

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