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一般而言,2017年商业活动仅略有改善,因为一些合约即Topside Structural Maintenance(TSM)和Facilities Improvement Project(FIP)于2017年6月到期,达洋企业正在等待Maintenance Construction and Modification(MCM)合同。 2017年的达洋企业营收与2016年的同期相比略多1270万令吉。

事实上,达洋企业正在为topside maintenance services(TSM),Hook-up and Commissioning(HUC)合同,Engineering Procurement Construction and Commissioning(EPCC)服务增加工作活动和盈利能力。

进入2018年,达洋企业将继续从其于二零一七年十二月三十一日订立的余额合约订单(总值约28亿令吉)中获取营收。达洋企业将继续运作于Maintenance Construction and Modification( MCM)(核心竞争力)合同以及剩余的HUC和EPCC合同以及OSVs。根据目前从石油巨头收到的当前工作订单和现有的工作计划活动,预计2018年应该是非常忙碌的一年,我们保持乐观。由于原油价格现在徘徊在每桶60美元以上,因此MCM,Pan HUC和EPCC正在经历更多更新的活动。


在PPB,应该注意的是,到2018年,船队的利用率应该会有所提高,因为16艘船队中有9艘以上的船舶将用于Dayang’s offshore maintenance,hook-up commissioning和EPCC合同,符合达洋企业推出与各大石油巨头的合同。


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James Ng

The group registered a loss before tax in the current quarter due to lower profit margins from lower charter rates and taken into account expenses such as foreign exchange loss of RM19.6 million as compared to net realised/unrealised foreign exchange gain of RM48.9 million in the corresponding quarter.

Generally, for 2017 business activities have only improved slightly as a couple of contracts namely the Topside Structural Maintenance (TSM) and the Facilities Improvement Project (FIP) expired in June 2017 and the group were awaiting the award of the Maintenance Construction and Modification (MCM) Contract. Group revenue for 2017 was slightly better by RM12.7 million compared to that of the corresponding year for 2016.

In reality, the Group is experiencing an increase in work activities and profitability for the topside maintenance services (TSM), Hook-up and Commissioning (HUC) contracts, Engineering Procurement Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) services.

Going into 2018, the Group will continue to draw down its revenue from its balance contract order book of RM2.8 billion that stood as at 31 December 2017. The Group will continue to operate within the core competencies of the new Maintenance Construction and Modification (MCM) contract and also the remaining HUC and EPCC contracts and OSVs charter. Based on current work orders received from the oil majors and the work planning activity programs that are on hand currently, it is therefore envisaged that 2018 should be a very busy year and we remain upbeat. The MCM, Pan HUC and EPCC is now experiencing more renewed activities as the price of crude is now hovering above USD60 per barrel.

It should also be noted that the Group is currently awaiting the results of some tenders for contracts with oil majors that are still under evaluation. Any successful win in this should see a further replenishment of the order book lasting for one to five years. Though it is not possible to predict the outcome of these tenders, the Group has always demonstrated its operational and technical supremacy in winning these brownfield contracts.

At PPB it should be noted that the fleet utilization should improve going into 2018 as more than 9 vessels out of a fleet of 16 will be earmarked for Dayang’s offshore maintenance, hook-up commissioning and EPCC contracts, in line with the roll-out of Dayang’s contracts with various oil majors.

The Board is well briefed of the Group’s outlook on a much improved prospect going into 2018. Nevertheless, the Board will remain cautious and vigilant in its pursuit for more contract replenishment and in the management of the Group cashflows and the sustenance of the Group in a very challenging market environment. The Board will continue to exercise due care and prudence in the running and administration of the company’s business amidst yet a very challenging industry.

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