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 [PECCA GROUP BHD,汽车市场的情绪相对较弱]


与去年同期季度营收记录为3,385万令吉相比,本季度实现了2,783万令吉营收的下降,主要原因是本地OEM部门的贡献减少。这主要是由于与上年相比,乘用车总产量和Total Industry Volume(“TIV”)更低的生产量。在11月中旬推出替代车型之前,客户的高容量车型的报废情况进一步加剧了这种情况。由于当时客户新推出的轿车的销售,去年季度的营收也较高。


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James Ng

For the current quarter under review, the Group recorded a revenue of RM27.83 million and profit before taxation of RM3.61 million. This is 17.76% lower in revenue and 46.54% lower in profit before taxation compared to the preceding year quarter.

In comparison to the preceding year quarter of revenue recorded of RM33.85 million, they achieved a lower revenue for the current quarter of RM27.83 million mainly due to lower contribution from local OEM segment. This was mainly due to a lower Total Industry Volume (“TIV”) and even lower Production Volume for passenger vehicle compared to preceding year. The situation was further compounded by the end-of-life of a customer’s high volume model before introduction of the replacement model in mid-November. The preceding year quarter’s revenue was also higher due to the sales from a newly launch sedan model from a customer then.

The Board remains cautious as forecasted TIV volumes are still below the annual TIV peak in 2015. The sentiment surrounding the automotive market is relatively weak.

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James Ng

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