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Global Economic Brief:
-World’s two largest economies take a step closer to all-out trade war
-Trump threatens tariffs on another $200bn of Chinese imports
-China angry over Trump’s latest tariff threats
-China Accuses U.S. of Trade ‘Abuses’ as India Hits Back at Trump
-To be continue…

Trade War Topics arise again,Investors fear are pressuring Dow Jone index, slump almost 1000pts to 24500 in just a week.

Now, look at our Bursa market, due to worried external and political bad sentiment , KLCI has broken the very strong support level at 1700 pts.

Many stocks slump down.
But there is always an opportunity in bursa market.
Among the most active trading these few days, YTL is showing power , the stock had been dump down heavily right after GE14 and It seen to be able move against all the bad sentiment and recovering the price on the right track.
We see many retailers from socialmedia ( facebook, i3investor, whatapps) able to enter around 95sens and  make a good profit in YTL today. Congratulations!!

Instead of chasing the rebounding ,We are monitoring myeg, the price is moving against bad global sentiments these few days due to it was already oversold in earlier GE14, It had been limited down 2 times right after GE14, already "get used " to bad global sentiments, when sentiment turn neutral, MYEG able to recovering at least 20%. The risk reward is worth. We foreseen it will move to the first resistance level at RM1.27. If meyg able to break through RM1.27, next level is RM1.6

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