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 [SUPERMAX CORP BHD,全球对天然橡胶和丁腈手套的需求依然强劲]




虽然速柏玛能够受益于第10& #11工厂委托的新生产线,其最新和最先进高效的制造工厂已逐渐为速柏玛的总装机容量增加56亿件,并已着手于重建和更新计划旨在恢复老旧的工厂,从这些工厂中提取更高的产量。预计完成后,其年产能将净增38亿件。

除提高效率外,速柏玛还通过收购位于Meru, Klang的现有工厂群附近的一块占地约5英亩的土地来扩大其土地储备以扩大产能。速柏玛计划在这片土地上兴建第12座工厂。该工厂将为速柏玛的年产能增加22亿件。



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James Ng

9MFY18 total comprehensive income attributable to owners of the parent increased from RM73.8m to RM80.1m, YoY+8.5%. Revenue increased from RM814m to RM975m, YoY+19.8%.

Current quarter, the Group recorded total revenue of RM 327.1 million from global sales of its natural rubber and nitrile rubber gloves. This was an increase of 6.1% or RM18.8 million compared to the corresponding quarter a year ago. In terms of profitability, the Group recorded EBITDA and PBT margins of 18.0% and 13.9% respectively. Despite the weaker USD vs MYR, the Group managed to increase its sales revenue on the back of strong demand for gloves and higher output recorded. Profitability has improved in line with the higher revenue recorded, higher production capacity and also improved operational efficiency.

Glove Division:
Global demand for both natural rubber and nitrile gloves remains strong with healthcare awareness continuing to rise, increasing regulation of the healthcare sector and ever higher healthcare spending in both the public and private sectors driving demand growth. These positive factors continue to augur well for the Company and the industry as a whole.

While the Group is able to benefit from new lines commissioned at Plants #10 & #11, its latest and most advanced and efficient manufacturing plants which have gradually added 5.6 billion pieces to the Group‟s total installed capacity, it has also embarked on a Rebuilding & Replacement programme aimed at reviving its older plants to extract higher production output from these plants. It expects to garner a net increase of 3.8 billion pieces to total annual capacity when completed.

In addition to improving efficiency, the Group has also expanded its land bank for purposes of capacity expansion by acquiring a piece of land measuring about 5 acres close to its existing cluster of plants in Meru, Klang. The Group plans to build its 12th plant on this plot of land. This plant will add a further 2.2 billion pieces to the Group‟s annual production capacity.

For the above expansion plans, the Group expects to invest RM333.0 million in capital expenditure over the next 2 years which will increase total annual installed capacity to 27.2 billion pieces.

Contact Lens Division:
The Group continues to make progress in developing its contact lens business. Not only has it successfully set up its production operations over the last few years, but it is also seeing its efforts to procure the necessary certifications and approvals to produce and bring its products to market bear fruit. The Group will continue launching its products in the various overseas markets after obtaining the necessary approvals.

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James Ng

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