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由于较高的平均投入资本(AIC)和较低的加权平均资本成本(WACC),经营费略低,但由于税后净营业利润(NOPLAT)较低,马电讯在2018年第一季度录得较高的经济损失。 AIC较高是由于较高的物业,厂房及设备,贸易及其他应收款项及其他应收款项。较低的权益成本导致WACC较低。收入下降和成本下降导致利息和税前利润下降(EBIT)并相应减少NOPLAT。



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Group revenue decreased by 3.9% (RM116.6 million) to RM2,848.0 million from RM2,964.6 million in the same quarter last year due to decline in voice, data and other telecommunication-related services. This led to 35.2% (RM105.2 million) decrease in operating profit before finance cost from RM299.1 million in the 1st quarter of 2017 to RM193.9 million. Group profit after tax and non-controlling interests (PATAMI) decreased by 31.8% (RM73.3 million) from RM230.4 million to RM157.1 million despite higher foreign exchange gain on the Group’s borrowings in the current quarter compared to corresponding quarter of 2017.

TM Group recorded higher Economic Loss during first quarter 2018 due to lower Net Operating Profit after Tax (NOPLAT) despite slightly lower economic charge attributed to higher Average Invested Capital (AIC) and lower Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). The higher AIC was due to higher property, plant and equipment, trade and other receivables and other non-current receivables. Lower cost of equity led to lower WACC. Lower revenue and decrease in cost led to lower Earnings before Interest & Taxes (EBIT) and correspondingly reduced NOPLAT.

Current quarter Group revenue decreased by 11.0% (RM351.9 million) to RM2,848.0 million as compared to RM3,199.9 million recorded in the 4th quarter of 2017 due to lower revenue from all services. In line with revenue, operating profit before finance cost decreased to RM193.9 million from RM284.3 million recorded in the preceding quarter. This led to a 43.3% (RM119.9 million) decrease in Group PATAMI from RM277.0 million in the preceding quarter to RM157.1 million.

They have prioritised Groupwide initiatives to be more focused in delivering results faster in light of the current challenging market landscape.

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