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 [TUNE PROTECT GROUP BHD,承保业务的净索赔减少,管理费用减少,营销费用更低]

- 一般保险业务的汽车类别增加所产生的总收入保费增加1140万令吉;
- 由于单位信托基金的股息收入增加投资收入150万令吉。

- 净索赔减少590万令吉;
- 营销费用减少70万令吉,呆账拨备200万令吉。

- 总保费收入增加600万令吉,主要是一般保险业务的汽车类。



数码渠道业务日益壮大的势头将继续推动TUNE保障向前发展,符合其成为该地区领先数字保险公司的愿景。数码渠道的增长主要归功于全球数字旅游业务和Tune Protect直接面向消费者平台(www.tuneprotect.com)。由于TUNE保障继续优化算法并实现个性化优惠,从而提高业务的占用率,全面的捆绑保险产品已被证明在数字化全球旅游业务中取得积极成果。

展望未来,TUNE保障正在探索与Insuretech合作的机会,以进一步促进数字业务的发展。 2018年5月,他们与第五家航空公司合作,为全球数字旅游业务开辟了更广阔的中东市场。根据其战略支柱之一,普通保险业务计划通过在非汽车业务中通过亲和伙伴关系收购生意来实现增长。

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James Ng

Revenue increased from RM130.1m in 1Q17 to RM143m in 1Q18. The increase of RM12.9m was due to:
-Increase of RM11.4m in gross earned premiums contributed by the increase in Motor class of general insurance business;
-Increase of RM1.5m in investment income due to dividend income received from unit trust funds.

The increase of RM5.2m or 34.4% in profit before tax from RM15.1m in 1Q17 to Rm20.3m in 1Q18 was due to:
-Decrease in net claims incurred of RM5.9m;
-Decrease in marketing expenses by RM0.7m and provision for doubtful debts by RM2m.

Revenue increased from RM138.5m in 4Q17 to RM143m in 1Q18. The increase of RM4.5m was due to:
-Increase of RM6m in gross earned premiums mainly in Motor class of the general insurance business.

Profit increased from RM8.9m in 4Q17 to RM20.3m in 1Q18. The increase of RM11.4m was due to decrease in net claims incurred.

The Group recorded growth in the first quarter of 2018 in operating revenue attributable to the growth in digital global Travel business in the general reinsurance business and Motor class in the general insurance business. Profit after tax also increased due to improved underwriting performance from lower net claims incurred, as well as reduced management expenses with better collections and lower marketing expenses.

The growing strength of the digital channels of the business will continue its trending for the Group moving forward, in line with its vision to be the leading digital insurer in the region. The growth in the digital channels is largely attributed to the digital global Travel business and Tune Protect direct-to-consumer platform (www.tuneprotect.com). Comprehensive and bundled insurance products have proven to produce positive results in the digital global Travel business, as the Group continues to optimise algorithms and personalise offers leading to higher take up rates for the business.

Moving ahead into the year, the Group is exploring opportunities to collaborate in the Insuretech space to further facilitate the growth of our digital business. In May 2018, they have partnered with a 5th airline which opens up a wider Middle-East market for the digital global Travel business. In line with one of its strategic pillars, the general insurance business plans to grow by acquiring critical mass through affinity partnerships in the Non-Motor business.

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