I Have Faith in Human Nature - Koon Yew Yin

 Almost all my wealth is from the stock market. I know when I die, I cannot take with me any of my money. So, I have been giving away some of my money to do charity. My ultimate objective in life is happiness. If I can create happiness, I should be happy. I like to see happy faces.

Over the years, I have helped many people. I have given out more than 300 scholarships to help poor students to enable them to complete their tertiary education.

I have also given out interest free loan to help many needy people. For example, a few Meru Golf Club workers who borrowed 20-30 thousand of Ringgit from loan sharks at ridiculous interest rate.

I also have loaned large sum to a few smart people to help them make more money from the stock market.

I always tell all my recipients of my financial assistance that when they were poor or needy, I helped them, but when they are financially solvent, they must remember to help others. I believe many of my scholarship recipients will soon start to do charity.

I can imagine those who have received aids from those whom I had helped, will start doing charity.  I am creating more and more charity workers as time goes by.  

A few days ago, when Jaks share price plunged, I had margin call.

Without me asking, many of the people who had received my financial help, offered to help me with whatever cash they have. A few told me that they will sell some of their holdings to raise some funds to help me.

That is why I say that I still have faith in human nature.

There is always some risk in share investment. Out of 10 stocks I bought following my share selection golden rule, 1 or 2 might disappoint me. I always learned from my mistakes.

My share selection golden rule is that the company must show it has profit growth prospect. The company must have reported increasing profit for 2 consecutive quarters and its price is selling below P/E 10. Profit growth is the most powerful catalyst to move share price. Jaks is an exception.

Jaks has dropped from Rm 1.83 to current level, a drop of 30% in 6 months. It is worth the risk to buy Jaks on cheap sale now.

I am strong because I know my weakness. I am wise because I learn from my mistakes.