TDM (2054) - Rampage rebound forming, low risk high gain. Signal confirmed!!


First post of NOVAMSC on June 7, Congratulation to our followers who made 40% profit gain in a month, already hit out TP1 RM0.15, now on the way to RM0.20!!! Here was our first suggestion:

After Novamsc hit TP1, we sold ⅖  of the shares and keep finding for our second potential stock.
If you read our earlier post, Novamsc can be so successful fried up is due to their perfect sentiment & theme play. Thanks to TDM on June 7, then after June 8 Novamsc able to spread its wing:


From the chart above , on June 7. TDM spike up
from the chart above , Barakah spike up on June 7,  barakah and tdm is a pair because both counters spike up on the same day. On july 5, barakah momentum coming again, gain 2sens(20%), will TDM follow too??
From the chart above, on June 8 , Novamsc gap up and spread its wing, the day after TDM spike up!
From all three charts above, clearly TDM is lagging right now!!
Now, we recall back tdm and novamsc are part of healthcare sector.Reverse vise, now TDM are at flat pricing while Novamsc pricing are shooting up, we monitor TDM many days, we see big player is collecting quietly,  Novamsc is now just big enough to carry TDM, when Novamsc become more expensive, investor will find other option, TDM is the best choice, hot money will come to TDM eventually.
On the other hand, we also see Barakah highly active today, momentum is so strong, TDM and barakah suppose to fried as a pair too!! But we pick TDM over barakah due to its high reward low risk with very tight cut lost price!!
Conclusion: TDM has great potential because Hot money will come in from Novamsc, TDM has tight cut lose price(RM0.23 CutLose) compare to Barakah, it is better to pick TDM over Barakah
Tp1 RM0.28
Tp2 RM0.30
CL RM0.23
Nevertheless, Barakah is a good pick as well.
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