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Here are some information for LIONIND investors to make a more informed investment decision, at the same time, avoid market makers to take advantage of the poor retail investors.

The PAT of LIONIND in the last QR was RM60.6 million. These are the reasons why the coming one COULD be much lower. Please do your own due diligence and make your own judgement.

1.  Rebar prices were soft during April - June 2018 period.

2. The Main Transformer exploded in April 18 and yet to be in operations.

3. Banting Plant has not started until now.

4. Shortage of raw material - steel billets leads to lower rebar sales from Steel Division.

5. Low utilisation rate for HBI Plant during April - June 2018 due to maintenance and interruption.

I'm preparing another article to elaborate on the 5 points above with facts and figures.

Not a buy call or sell call. Make your own judgement. Thank you.

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