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Will iflix back door listing through REV ?

Rev Asia Bhd signed a memorandum of understanding with its largest shareholder Catcha Group Pte Ltd to look into acquiring a majority stake in a foreign group. 
The MoU is in respect of the “proposed acquisition of a majority interest in a foreign-owned group of companies with foreign based operations,” Rev Asia said in a filling with Bursa Malaysia. 
It is part of a plan to regularise Rev Asia’s Guidance Note 2 (GN2) condition so it could maintain its listing status, the group added. 
Southeast Asia's Leading Internet Group
Catcha Group is Southeast Asia’s leading internet group. We build and invest in disruptive internet companies across emerging markets globally, where we deploy capital and resources towards the creation of transformational value propositions solving fundamental societal problems. Our historical focus has been in online classifieds, new media and OTT where we have successfully taken 5 companies from startup to IPO.
The Group was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

iflix now valued at USD800 Million. Catcha Group owns 49.7% iflix.

Both Rev Asia and Catcha Group by Patrick Grove.

Market have continue to speculate that iflix will inject into Rev Asia through back door listing since early year 2018. 
Rev Asia share price outperform market since last week and stand at 5 months high.  " No Smoke without fire, everything happened for a reason "

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