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No need for me to provide too much details, I guess almost everybody knows what had happened to Jaks lately (rights issue went ex, lousy results, massive sell down).

Almost everyone is now super pessimistic about Jaks. Except for me. I have studied Jaks' latest quarterly report in detailed. As far as I am concerned, fundamentals remain intact.

I have predicted Jaks price collapse a few months back (belatedly after I bought it. But I decided to hold it anyway, albeit at curtailed exposure). I have given hints in this forum before about that, which I will dig out in the future to substantiate my claim. So far everything that happened matches my expectation and prediction.

I am not going to reveal too much details in this article as nobody is in a mood to listen. The herd mentality has taken over. Everybody is in bearish, cynical and panic mood. Whatever I say will not be well received.

I will only write about Jaks again when things turn around. Otherwise, it will mean that I have been wrong (namely, Jaks is indeed a basket case) and I have suffered losses.

See you.

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