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 Dear all,

The last few days had saw Mr. Koon revealing his JAKS holding fast and fury with a devastating consequent to JAKS market price. Should market react to it or should market response to it after a careful study. Many articles had been written in i3 blog speculating on the many reasons why Mr. Koon make a 180 degree U turn from a bullish to a bearish on JAKS near term future and even put a question mark on the prospect of Vietnam IPP in long term. Some suggest since Mr. Koon had sold all his JAKS holding hence the damage from another Mr. Koon’s margin forced sold is done and over with thus it’s time to accumulate.

I for one would like to take a more caution stand and would wait till 2020 to see whether the real profit from IPP is rolling in before making a careful study respond.

Dear CharlesT,

I refer your comment:

In 2014 i also fell in love ( or mayb kena jampi..) in one holland stock n my exposure in it was more than 10 times of yr current 4% in jaks...
Suddenly i wake up in yr johotin call n decided to cut loss n all in johotin wa..
The rest is history.

Since I had wrote a blog on JAKS “The Conspiracy Theory” and people love conspiracy theory so please allow my imagination to run wild and give you the whole story on this conspiracy theory.

One upon a time there was this one man super fund Mr. K and with the help of his capable portfolio manager Mr. O had manage to earn super profit from investment in these stocks (Latitude, VS and Liihen) The fund size is now a few hundred million. And because Mr. K is a well known opposition supporter (MCA enemy Number 1) and know for his big ego. Thus he become a political and a pump and dump insider/syndicate target. An elaborate conspiracy/pit fall was set up to lure Mr. K to the trap. Agents Q was assigned to PLP Mr. K big ego and arranged Mr. K to meet the insider to confirm everything written by Agent Q’s son RB report were true. Mr. K then pumped in his fund to buy JAKS share which in fact were shares sold by the insider/syndicate. The insider then purposely on 1/3/2017 reported a poor q4 2016 of 32 million losses to spook the market in order to collect back the share cheaply, to their surprise Mr. K was pumping in more fund to support the price and even wrote many articles to promote JAKS. (By now Mr. K was so hoodwinked (kena jampi) and totally in love with JAKS, he even gone against Mr. O repeat advice and abandoned his own K’s golden rule and come out with his pivotal moment and exception proves the rule theory) Insider/syndicate then manipulates the quarterly result for Mr. K to pump and they dump for many rounds as what Agent Q had told (profited again and again). In between syndicate was feeding Mr. K with manipulated information/ fake call example I received this WhatsApp from Mr. K (One Institution investor want to buy 10 million JAKS from me. That’s why you can see big buyers at RM 1.54 yesterday) Agent Q even invited Mr. C to help promote JAKS which Mr. C had confided his regret and say sorry to Mr. K and i3.

Finally Mr. K wake up from (kena jampi) after someone must have prayed very hard at temple to break the evil spell and talk sense into him. Mr. K now wake up and know that he had been taken for a ride for so long makes his empire strike back, selling JAKS stock slowly for the insider/syndicate to collect and then boom the big day Nov 30 2018 (129 million traded price range 0.46-0.555) Mr. K, Mr. I and many more traders were running for the exit door. The hunter becomes the hunted, insider/syndicate now have so many JAKS in hand at initial price of 80cents (and the commitment/obligation to subscribe for the warrant) and Agent Q had even convince them to average down their cost by buying more at 50 cents as he was very confidents insider will report a good Q4 to lure Mr. K to push up the price for them to dump again. Will insider/syndicate cut loss now or can Agent Q convince some other big water fish (Sohai) to push up the price for syndicate to dump? Time will tell and this time when the syndicate cut loss they will also cut off the Agent Q kuku bird for real.

Thank you

Disclaimer:  Ability to tell good story is a god given gift as we human being is the only species in Planet Earth that can use our limitless mind’s imagination to invent things or write imaginary story that unite us in hundred, thousand, million or billion for better or for worse. Above is my imaginary story and any resemble with real life characters are pure coincidence.

PS: I derived no pleasure in writing this friction story because Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t. What is truth now? Who can I trust now? My dream of redwood community https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/Sslee_blog/185821.jsp is my fiction (possibilities) pipe dream that seem so near yet so far now as I wake up to the reality that i3 is a jungle out there full with quicksand trap please navigates with care. I now only trust KC, OTB, Alex, Choi and CharlesT in i3, how about you?

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