Stock Pick Year 2019 - Table of Content {The contents is full. Pls submit only if you have the reserve seats}

This is the TOC page for Stock Pick Contest Year 2019
(Rule for the contest -
Please take note that there are few submissions not follow the requirements have been ignored. Thanks!

Stock Pick Contest 2019

I hope more peoples can join the challenge and we can learn from each others... but I have limitation to setup too much portfolio, and I will open it to 50 participants (on a first come firtst serve basic). 
Below are the first 50 who submit the pick after 31-Dec-2018 4:50pm and the selection are meeting the contest rule]   
Kindly review and feedback if you find any mistake on the portfolio setup.  

Special Attention to OTB and KCCHONG...

The first 2 participants of the Stock Pick Contest on year 2013, your seat have been reserved. Please send in your picks.
I  will reserve the seat for the first 20 runners on Year 2016 , Year 2017 and  Year 2018 stock pick respectively. Please submit your pick.
please refer to the for the name of first 20 runners

# Participants Portfolio Remark
1 John Lu No16 @ 2017
2 Wy_Navi -
3 pengembaraalam -
4 Wininvest88 -
5 HawkEyes -
6 smartly No 20 @ 2018
7 huat021 -
8 ahchan -
The contents is full. Pls submit only if you have the reserve seats as stated in