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Malaysia Honda car owners have the option to renew their car insurance with authorized Honda dealer under Honda Insurance Plus (HIP) package , or to renew it themselves with general insurance company.

The price of HIP is generally higher than other insurers. In addition, most general insurance company will give a 10% discount if you renew your car insurance with them online, using their website without going through any insurance agent.

Anyhow, below are the benefits of HIP compared with other insurers:

Underwriting Terms:

No excess clause up to 10 years. The insurance policy covers 100% of the cost of any accident repair to your Honda car.

Other insurers may impose excess or even decline based on age of vehicle, vehicle model, age of insured and/or claims history.

Agreed Value:

100% sum insured up to 10 years. The sum insured is based on purchase price for 1st year, and subsequently based on recommended Insurance Service Malaysia (ISM) valuation price.

100% pay-out for theft or total loss.

Other insurers' agreed value might be unconditional based on market value.

Betterment Charges:

HIP betterment charges for old car repairs up to 10 years:
  • 1st to 10th year = 0%
Other insurers betterment charges for old car repairs:
  • 1st to 4th year = 0%
  • 5th year = 15%
  • 6th year = 20%
  • 7th year = 25%
  • 8th year = 30%
  • 9th year = 35%
  • 10th year and above = 40%

Body & Parts Replacements:

Honda genuine body and parts replacements with 6 months warranty or 10,000km service warranty.

Road Assistance:

Round-trip free towing service up to 450km. Free labour for roadside repair service up to RM200 per event.

HIP 24/7 emergency assistance contact: 1800-18-1177.

Free towing service and/or roadside repair service varies among other insurers. Some may not be available.

Claim Approval:

Speedy claim approval for value under RM20,000 for the vehicle repaired at Honda Authorized Body & Paint Centre.

Other insurers follow standard claim procedure which may take up longer time.

Other Services:
  • One stop centre
  • Road tax renewal
  • NCD withdrawal
  • Policy cancellation to transfer NCD
  • Issue cover note for change of engine / chasis / vehicle number
  • Assist in issue cover note for the extension of period of cover
  • Advice on the insurance rules & regulations
Which the insured might need to carry out the tasks by themselves if insured with other insurers.

However, HIP policy excludes the following:
  • Own death or bodily injury
  • Liability against claim from your passengers
  • Theft of non-factory fitted vehicle accessories unless otherwise declared
  • Consequential losses, depreciation, wear & tear, mechanical or technical breakdown failures
  • Loss/damage arising from an act of nature
Also, when your vehicle is driven by an unnamed driver or a person who is under the age of 21 or a holder of a Provisional/Probation Driving License, the compulsory excess of RM400 is applicable in the event of claim.

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