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New Year, 2019. New Hope, DPI Holdings Berhad (Stock Code: DPIH).

Straight to the points.  three angles to look at this IPO on coming monday. For more info, you may read their prospectus.

1. Super Strong Growth - Double Production Capacity

2. Share Price Easily Double Up - Closest Peer at PER 34 times (More than Double of DPIH's Valuation)

3. More than 100% Gains on IPO day for recent IPOs - Securemetric Berhad and Radiant Globaltech Berhad 

All the recent IPOs share prices performed incredibly well. Used SMetric and RGTech as comparison due to similar share price of RM0.25.

DPIH will be listed on coming Monday, at IPO price of RM0.25. Please read their prospectus to understand more about their business. It's a cash cow with zero borrowings. It's the ONLY aerosol company listed in KLSE. If investors truly understand its value, it can easily go up by more than 100% on the first day.
Please do your homework. Looks like a no-brainer buy to me. Good Luck.

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