What's the trade secret KYY made BIG money in VS, LIIHEN, LATITUD?


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What's the secret KYY made BIG money in VS, LIIHEN, LATITUD?
n loss BIG in jaks, sendai n perhaps the new ones ?

The A is in CANSLIM.
Yes world famous William O'Neil in his BEST classic book told the entire world that all greatest winning stocks have the same 7 characteristics i.e. CANSLIM.

William wrote so much in order to build a nice THICK book with commercial value.
Of the 7, William only quietly HIGHLIGHTed the N a few times n rubbed it in deep with many many glorified stock charts...

Yes, N is NEW HIGH 1st n or everything else is NEW product, mkt, forex pricing, mgmt, biz model n what have u...

So the trade  SECRECT  is:
i. KYY bought all those winning stocks above, at v new beginning of 5 YEARS HIGH at the right timing pts with
ii. Catalyst i.e. 1 n or 2 economic tailwinds helping these plc making easy increasing profits for 4 to 12 Q max.

KEY is: All multi-bagger stocks must be at good CORNERED condition with brand new strong shareholder structure.

Only in this stage, can stocks have the driving force to begin flying high n exponentially higher into the New blue sky...

NB: In our investing journey, we must seek to catch 1 multi-bagger at perfect timing. Once we achieve this, use the template to making BIG money from the next great stocks every year. Let's pray PRAY...