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15 FEB 2019

1. KKB
I have identified this normally very quiet counter last night in BURSAMASTER Stockpick last night.
It has rallied today to close at the day's high of 1.07 which is also the 52-week high gaining 0.095 with sudden increased in volume of about 1 mil shares traded. In most days, KKB is usually not traded.

Strong buying interest with high volume reversedthe minor retracement and it looks set to break its next resistances of 0.35; 0.38 & 0.415. Monitor closely for breakout of these levels.

Heavy accumulation is seen at 1.01 n 1.03 today and the counter looks set to retest 1.14 soon.

This counter has been creeping slowly from 1.19 on 16 Jan 2019 to 1.44 today that went unnoticed by market participants. i believe there is some interesting development coming its way on the basis of the substantial rise in price albeit low volume. Once volume comes in; i believe this cornered counter will rally towards 2.00.

5. VS...the relentless uptrend for the past weeks definitely needs a healthy correction for it to build a new base for sustainable rally.

a sudden increased in volume today has lifted it from its recent consolidation mode and NGGB closed today with 0.035 gain to 0.515 on volume of 14.5 mil. Being its 1st day of reversal; i believe the uptrend to continue.
I has mentioned this in BURSAMASTER Stockpick last night.

7. KUB
...has started to draw interest from punters....monitor closely for breakouts of 0.46 & 0.48

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