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 Let's guess Where's the bearing pt of CARIMIN on the investment mountain NOW?

CARIMIN, the early n best performing stock to fly to the new.blue.sky in new year 2019.
Many players must give credit to the lone klse market mover, uncle kyy.
He moves n we play along:
Loss, we oso lol, OK !

Where's the bearing pt?
Carimin began the flying journey since Nov 2018 at 27 sen.
We r now seeing a perfect 1-2-3-4-5 minor up waves, forming the 1st Major wave. It could over-shoot by +- 10% max or more hopefully.

Then it could behave 1 of 2 ways, a guess:
i. It must consolidate at these high prices for 5 to 10 weeks, creating an airport runway solidly ready for the next explosive 3rd Major wave  =  to or better than 1st Major.
It definitely needs a wonderful catalyst with v Good FA #s to happen.
Assuming 1st wave is 88, 3rd wave will potentially be up to 150 n usually will be much HIGHER..

ii. If  i.  does not materialize then it's a pure PnD operation similar to tatgiap.

Time will tell...

a.  PnD stocks can never have 3rd Major up wave.
They will have 1 n only 1 super oversize 1st MAJOR wave.
The Operators lol to the banks, the retailers forced to hold forever etc.
n the same familiar ancient story repeats again all the time.

b.  RM is so strong since beginning 2 days ago ! Can RM continue rising higher?

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