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 Mar 16, 2019 12:43 PM | Report Abuse

Why r mid 90 sen stocks good bet in KLSE?

This rule applies:

FUNDS' Margin of Safety:

i.  A lot of reputable FUNDS r not allow to Buy stocks below RM$1.
ii. Some more stringent ones especially the FOREIGN houses only allow buying stocks price above RM$1.20

So as the stock price goes higher n HIGHER for Growth Stocks, more FUNDS can't wait to begin SAILANG kuat-kuat ...
With high roller FUNDS in, the INSIDER parties will come in bullishly n the RETAILERS just go berserk.
3 BIG SPENDERS acting in concert, NEW blue sky is UNLIMITED !

This is real life proven by DAYANG's fast n furious journey recently when it gap UP to 97/105.

Learning from 1st Principle in PURE economic lesson :


Like medical specialists, market forces will buy n reward stocks in the right sub-sector of the sector or theme in play. In essence it's the correct biz i.e. going to make tonnes of MONEY.
n for growth stocks, it's never too high to buy. When u see 1 at the right timing phase, ride the bull by its horns.

Never buy those 'Out of Topic/Theme' in order to outperform in the mkt.

Only small paid-up penny stocks in Theme Play can perform even with little earnings. Because Theme Play will last into marathon BULL RUN by the years.

Then  "It's the sitting that makes us RICH"  becomes REAL ...

U may choose to play around with penny stocks. Don't over stay! Majority will end up in PnD in 1 cycle of 2 good months or less. n maybe if lucky, could come back year/s later to break even.

ASK 1st? Will or R funds buying that stock? If NOT, it will end in PnD.

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