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 Why Dayang is still lingering at Rm1.37 level as of 2.00pm the 6/3/2019?

If it was not due to KWAP's persistent and aggressive selling in the past weeks, Dayang could have already breached Rm2.00 before the release of its Q42018. I count myself lucky to have been able to buy at Rm1.00 level despite after the release of its superb result.

I fully agree with Mr. KYY that Dayang can easily surpass Rm3.00 level before 1Q2019 result for the following reasons:

1. The No.1 Investment Criteria is theme in the play. At present, the theme play is Oil & Gas. Any company's name ended with "oil.com" is likely to explode in tandem.

2. When there is only a single themeplay as of now, it means investors are pulling out their money from stocks of other sectors and channel the hot money into oil stocks.

3. Dayang is the only oil stock that posted a "wow" result, its management indicated that its 4Q18 result can be sustained moving forward because of its Rm3bil order book, no monsoon means more works can be completed (as pointed out by Mr. KYY), etc,

4. Please take note that not only KYY believes in Dayang but also all the fund managers, middle-size investors and ikan bilis like me (in short all walks of investors) flock into this stock. Demand surpasses supply. You know the aftermath to its share price when everyone agrees that Dayang is the stock to beat in 2019. 

5. Mr. KYY's TP of Rm3.00 is therefore tenable in light of more and more people snapping up the shares.

Thank you Mr. KYY for opening the "fatt choy" flood gate and Good luck folks.

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