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For STOCKS, below is the BEST opportunistic point to success always:

Buy at the Last small purebear that gives rise to the BIGGEST pureBULL
i.e. pure Right Timing
1 condition:

+ Must take risk n act only when stocks r well positioned in a strong Cornered Condition

2 terms:

+ Growing Profits QoQ n YoY, Simple Q increasing PAT is edi a strong catalyst for stocks to fly
+ With Funds n Institutions support n
with reputable mkt mover, expect high speed OVERSIZE Profits = Never ever Miss those opportunistic stocks

REWARD: 30 to 60% profit per stock
RISK: 5 to 8% cut loss asap a MUST
Success Rate: 4 out of 6


a. Last small purebear
That special huge gap up day on Monday Feb 25th closed at 102. The 3 subsequent days were struggling lower than 102 = last.small.purebear
Then on Fri Mar 1st, T4 heavy delivery day, DAYANG decisively punched thru 102 with vol n gave rise to the BIGGEST.pureBULL, closing at 158 last fri n still counting ...

AIM to accurately hit at super JACK POT Ms U stocks at Right Timing.

When U have 1 like DAYANG, do this:


All Great winning Ms U stocks r so very generous.
Each time it goes up v high, u sell n surely it will go much HIGHER.
If for some reasons u forget to sell, u LOL to the banks.
It's that GOOD to fall in LOVE with Ms U stocks...

Have deep understanding n knowledge about Biz Sense:

Use SWOT Analysis:

A simple but useful framework for analyzing your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats that you face. It helps you focus on your strengths, minimize threats, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you.


I   know   so   MANY   FA   sifus / practitioners   r   LOL   now   non-stop   at   me   talking   about   Right   Timing   the   stocks.

Just because some famous fellows said there's no way to time the mkt doesn't mean U n me can't.

Malay said: Cuba sekali, memang hari-hari mau lagi

Kindly take Buddha's life changing advice for all things POSITIVE: What U practise is What U become

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