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As we know, our Prime Minister Tun Mahathir is going to visit Beijing in the coming April to further discuss on some previous project that are on hold. One of the major one include ECRL which is around 20% done. There could be many other project that would be discuss and deals could be inked.
The recent move from China in buying almost USD 1 trillion worth of Malaysian palm oil product also signal a improving state of relation between Malaysia and China.
Notably, Chinese state-backed company have a very high exposure in Johor development, especially in land reclamation and project development. So if the current government is to improve trade relation between China, then Tan Sri Vincent Tan company will have a good chance this year.
If Malaysia and China relation become good again, then China will continue to invest in Malaysia, and bring in financial backing and construction power to build infrastructure.
Actually, BJASSET prized asset is a piece of land that had yet to be reclaimed infront of Berjaya Waterfront, which is situated at Stulang area.
According to latest annual report 2018, the land size sea bed for reclaimation is 25 hectare, which is around 61 acre.
This area is very strategic because it is very near to the link bridge to Singapore Woodlands, the most busiest check point.
In fact, the going to be reclaimed land is near Tanjung Puteri (also reclaimed), where it's high end condo is selling at RM 1500 per square feet, namely RF Princess Cove.
So how much is 61 acre of land worth at this area.
61 acre x 43560 = 2,657,160 square feet
2657160 sf x RM 700psf = RM 1.86 billion
That is no wonder Tan Sri Vincent Tan keep on acquiring his company share because of this golden asset. Do keep in mind that YDMM Sultan Ibrahim also have almost 13% direct stake in BJASSET.
So now, BJASSET market cap is only RM 767 million.
But the carrying asset is Berjaya Times Square, Berjaya Waterfront Complex and a piece of land yet to be reclaimed which can be worth RM 1.86billion
What will BERJAYA ASSET do with the land ?
My opinion is that, Berjaya Asset is likely going to partner with a Chinese stated back company to develop this land, from reclamation to development. Just like RF Princess Cove and Country Garden Forest City.
So hopefully this working visit, Malaysia and China ties will improve, and BJASSET will lock 1 deal with a Chinese company to do the work and unlock this RM 1.86 billion sea gem.
When that happen, then BJASSET will goreng goreng until very powerful.
In order to be smart investor, then maybe it is good to buy some now and keep, because now is consider buy low. When development start and things start to develop, share price will go up, and that will be high price.
So better load some BJASSET before April because Mahathir will visit China in April.
30 cents with NTA backing 91 cents + bonus another 20 cents when land reclaimed.

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