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ATURMAJU - While trying to understand the business better, found some "red flags" in Aturmaju.

You can still make money from the company but everyone trading this counter need to be mindful of the risks. Turnaround company or pump and dump? Do your due dilligence.

We should all question the reliability of the informations being fed to us. 

1) On the deal with Yes’ Comm Enterprise Sdn Bhd, why is the image shown that of YES from YTL? Yes Comm IS NOT YES from YTL. What're they trying to play at here? 

2) On the latest MOU with Perkasa... PSSB are they under the Perkasa government body? Or is it just a shell? How come CTOS states that they are a DORMANT account?? 

3) Insider selling ?


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