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Stockbrokers must adopt greater digitalisation to attract younger investors (April 09, 2019 21:01 pm +08)
Stockbrokers must adopt greater digitalisation to appeal to the younger generation of investors and raise public participation in the stock market, says Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

We strongly believe greater digitalization will boost the business of Eforce,
EForce organises its business activities into three (3) segments. They are:
  • Application Solutions (“AS”) – Sales of software applications and product on outright purchase basis.
  • Maintenance Services (“MS”) – Provision of maintenance services.
  • Application Services Provider (“ASP”) – Provision of application services on monthly recurring fixed and variable charges.

We believe eforce will rebound strong due to few factors:
-the edge Malaysia weekly reported more public companies are expected to undertake right issue in 2019
-Finance minister encouraging broker to adopt greater digitalisation
-Maybxxk and some other brokers might want to upgrade to more powerful system due to recent congested issue
-current core clients are demanding for big data analysis (mentioned during 30th May 2018 16th AGM)
Last year, Excel Force share price has dropped substantially after the change in Malaysia government. This is due to Excel Force Chairman being Executive Chairman of MYEG. During AGM, a few shareholders have raised their concern on whether new government will have impact on Excel Force existing business. As described by Chairman:
Excel Force’s core businesses provide services to stock broking, consumer banks and insurance clients. Some of their clients are Maybank, Kenanga, Hong Leong, Public bank and UOY Kay Hian.
There are no government concessions in their existing client portfolio and their businesses are not government related.
We are anticipating Eforce will rebound to Above RM0.8
Disclaimer: investments involve risks including possible loss of principal and other losses. This article and charts are provided for information only and should not be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any of the instruments mentioned herein

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