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Just sharing for study propose. No call buy, Take your own risk in investment ><"

This time we check about flexible packaging materials or plastic product share.
The reason are:
1.) High USD to RM (good for export)

2.) Low Resin Price  http://www.theplasticsexchange.com/Research/WeeklyReview.aspx

Let us see the campany I know here:
*Please let me know the campany I miss have here (if have)

Top 3 list base on they PE, ROE and DY performance.
(I just 100% base on those data, if you have any information for those company, welcome to add in comment)

Base on current USD to RM perfomance and resin price.
Let us "forecast" next quarter results (PE and ROE), if we consider next quarter EPS are 80%, 100% to 120% of last quarter EPS.
*We fix NTA and DY

Good PE, ROE and DY. Continue 5 quater YoY EPS growth.

High ROE.

High ROE.Continue 4 quater YoY EPS growth.

Good PE. If last quarter "Other income" not 1 off profit next PE will very good.

USD to RM may increase due to Malaysia interest rate down.

Resin price increase due to crude oil price increase
Minimum wage

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