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Recent most discussion topics no doubt are all about Tech stocks and Bandar Malaysia concept stocks , It is the stock- QES will be in both play!!!
New test methodologies for 5G wafer high-volume production
The emergence of 5G is changing the landscape for RF production compared to what we saw over the past 30-40 years. This created a whole new huge demand for frontrunner testing, automation and equipment service providers.
The tranformation of 5g from 4g no doubt will benefit those companies that can provide solutions to it, QES specialised in distribution, manufacturing and provisions of engineering services of inspection, test, measuring, analytical & automated handling equipment. It is among the most undervalued stocks with PE only 13 that match all the coming demands.
5G game changer will need all those supports from qes as shown below:
Based on Kenanga research :
The research house pointed out that this was due to demand in telecommunication (wider adoption of 4G/new 5G technology), semiconductor (IoT as well as electronic devices) and Automotive (higher electronic content) - all sectors that QES has exposure in. 

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/03/08/kenanga-research-has-trading-buy-fv-of-26-sen-for-qes/#pZQ12LXfsmGrB1Kr.99
Tech stock comparison:
INARI PE     24.8
Frontkn PE  25.6
Penta PE     24.7
JHM PE       21.1
D&O PE      21.1
Gtronic PE  19.8
QES PE      13.4
Dufu PE      10.1
What about relating Bandar Malaysia?
ICT will be established in center of Bandar Malaysia, Tech gaints such as Huawei and Alibaba have also manifested interest to it.
Those foreign tech companies will require a lot of helps from local industries to support them especially during the process of setting up automation, machining and testing equipment. 
When it comes to advanced tech, 5G technology is the only one that western countries are not fully prepared to change the economic landscape yet, with supports from China, Malaysia has potential to take this opportunity to avenge and impress western countries that are trying to supress us in palm oil industry, FTSE Russell and currency 
The reason why we pick QES over other tech companies:
Most tech companies are located in Penang only, QES has geography advantage, it is located in Selangor which is one of the closest area to Bandar Malaysia, easy to set up near BM
We are targeting QES to fly above 38.5sens or PE20 
Wake up signal entry confirmation is RM0.26 where it starts trying to move away from sideway
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