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[非常好的公司 vs 普通的公司]


[Very good company vs ordinary company]

In the same industry, different management groups will have different company growth results. For example, TopGlov, in December 2008, the stock price was only RM0.45, and now the stock price is RM4.60. The return excluding dividends is 922%! In contrast, Comfort, in December 2008, the stock price was only RM0.21, and now the stock price is RM0.85, excluding dividends, the return is only 305%. Even if your TopGlov shares were bought at a higher price, such as RM0.90, the return exclude dividends now is 411%, far exceeding Comfort's return. It can be seen that even if you buy a very good company's stock at a higher price, it is far better than buying the average company's stock at the lowest price.


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