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When I first came across ECONPILE HOLDINGS,

I noticed this company had a very very good track record, consistently above peers net profit margins. Then right after GE14, all construction companies start going down! Of course, Econpile joined the gang and became one of the victim too....

Then I began following this company closely. In the last Finacial Year 2018, The management decided to cut their Final Dividend by a lot... I forgot how much I think used to be 3.5 cents to 1.5 cents only... Then from there, the share price continued going SOUTH.

With recent Quarter report release, it reported A HUGE LOSS of 39 mil for the FIRST TIME EVER!

I started buying in December (at around 45 cents) and went in batch by batch (no margin or contra lah - me not so rich) and then at one time it fell to an all time low of 36 cents right after my last top up, that time I really think this TIME Jialat liao... Because I already no more money to continue averaging down. And then subsequently it rose to a high of 55 cents right before the release of QR report, then I GOT A HUGE SURPRISE LOSS of 39 mil REPORTED, Then I started thinking, This time Holland liao... I should have sold some earlier ! BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!

But the thing I want to say is... don't ever try to Time the Market, because you'll fail badly... Ask the professional traders or Investment Bankers, they can't do it right most of the time... What's more with us normal PUNTERS.... But I recognize the value of this company and that's why I continue keeping it and try to not monitor the share price so closely. If I continued to time the market, I wouldn't have hold it until today!

AND HOPEFULLY ECONPILE can win A HUGE CONTRACT FOR ECRL and we're back on track to our former glory!

Hope you all learnt some of my PUNTING skills!

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