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The worldwide offshore rig count for March 2019 decreased by two units sequentially but increased by 69 units year-over-year, according to Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE).

BHGE splits its rig counts into international and North America rig counts, which combined make the worldwide rig count.
Baker Hughes said in a report on Thursday that the international rig count for March 2019 was 1,039, up 12 from the 1,027 counted in February 2019, and up 67 from the 972 counted in March 2018.
When it comes to the offshore part of the international rig count, it was 247 for March 2019, down 3 from 250 counted in February 2019, and up 62 from 185 counted in March 2018.
Regionally, the Asia Pacific region had the highest number of offshore units in March 2019 with 102, down 3 from 105 in February 2019 and up 31 from 71 counted in March 2018.
The Middle East in second place had a total of 55 offshore rigs in March 2019, down by 3 from February 2019, and up by 11 from March 2018.
The next three places are held by EuropeLatin America, and Africa with 37, 28, and 25 offshore units in March 2019, respectively.
In North America, the offshore rig count in March 2019 was 23, up 1 from February 2019 and up 7 from March 2018.
As for the worldwide rig count for the month, it was 2,213, down 93 from the 2,306 counted in February 2019, and up 34 from the 2,179 counted in March 2018.
The worldwide offshore rig count for March 2019 was 270, down 2 from 272 in February 2019, and up 69 from 201 in March 2018.

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